With BANQloop, governments, organizations and corporations — globally — will develop better insights to optimize processes, save costs and meet sustainability goals.

  • Environmental Decision-making
  • Infrastructure Statuses
  • Reduction of Landfill
  • Decarbonization

BANQloop technology + services

BANQloop is a Software-as-a-Solution based, decarbonization-focused company.

Measuring what matters saves governments and organizations money, creates carbon credits, and adds new revenue centers.

Our software platform, LoopIQ, seamlessly integrates with our AI robotics hardware package, InvisionIQ, to collect data from your existing public works equipment and vehicles.

BANQcare, our customer-centric service platform and Customer Success team, helps adapt our platform to your unique requirements. Welcome to BANQloop—a key solution in driving us all to a carbon neutral world.

InvisionIQ: Quick and easy installation of our hardware to your existing infrastructure

  • Decisions made in 40 ms
  • Reporting real-time data

LoopIQ: Data for the economy

  • Terminal + custom smart dashboards
  • Identify high value loads
  • Optimize routes
  • Track additional data points

Key data: For economy, sustainability + decarbonization

  • Key to sustainability and decarbonization progress
  • Positively impacts ability to address data challenges to support green finance


BANQloop’s solutions engineers develop relevant and appropriate solutions to meet YOUR goals

A wide variety of customized information is collected and displayed depending on your unique needs. During the discovery phase of any customer engagement, your dedicated BANQcare team will conduct customer workshops and interviews to define parameters that best serve you.