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Yes, we are creating the trash can of the future – but there is so much more.

BANQloop, an empowering, all-in-one full-service waste management solution that banks multiple streams of valuable waste commodities back into the circular economy.

The future of Covid-19 safety for public spaces

BANQloop Highlights

  • material analysis
  • auto-sort
  • grinds material
  • vacuum packs raw material
  • live data collection
  • pick-up notification
  • green score
  • deposit refund
  • gamified experience

Our Platform is designed with tomorrow in mind

Our suite of products and services provides our clients (businesses including airports, stadiums, college campuses, city municipalities, office buildings, apartment complexes, and public transportation stations + hubs) a way to transform their waste management ecosystem to maximize profitability and minimize waste. BANQloop consists of:

Our BANQ x1 Suite of Products

The BANQ X1, BANQ X1 HD + BANQ X1 HDM transform waste into valuable commodities and divert waste from landfill while helping our customers waste management systems become exponentially more efficient.

BANQcare Service

BANQcare is our customer-centric service platform

loop IQ

Data and Supply Chain Intelligence Platform

How does it work?

Solutions are great.
Scalable solutions are amazing.
Meet BANQcare.

At a high level BANQcare is broken into four key phases. On-Boarding, Pilot, Deployment and Field Services.

Scope alignment and solution development


Scaled installation of 4-5 units, just like a full deployment only smaller


Full deployment of contracted units

Field Services

On call 24hr field service team

Business intelligence to empower agile supply chain logistics + manufacturing

Loop IQ: Making use of the data we collect

In addition to supporting our Customers in the field and our Maintenance Technicians, the Platform will be used to power a Business Intelligence layer which we’ve called LoopIQ. All waste events are recorded centrally to be utilized in three ways:

Long term safe keeping of the data

Long term safe keeping of data is crucial to support the X1 unit. All details including the exact time of discard will all be recorded, archived, summarized, sliced and analyzed.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Analysis of waste by type, product identification, vendor, time, Geo Tagging, will be available to LoopIQ customers.

Return on Experience

In order to improve our customer experience, service information will be analyzed to improve turnaround times of our X1 Units, improve component reliability and lead to world class customer satisfaction.

A platform with a purpose

The Platform is the term we use to describe the Cloud Software as a Service Solution which will be required to support our customers. Our BANQloop Platform is scalable, and will allow us to grow quickly to meet the needs of:

  • Allow our customer’s janitorial staff to receive notifications regarding the fill status of the X1 units.
  • Allow Internal BANQcare maintenance staff to receive notifications of Service issues with the X1 units.
  • Allow our deployment teams to update the X1 Units remotely as needed to support AI Item Recognition.

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BANQloop transforms the way companies and governments manage large volume, multi-stream waste

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