Our Story

BANQloop was born in April 2019 out of pure frustration at seeing too many plastic cups in the paper bin in airports. That and the knowledge that 79% recycling actually goes into the landfill due to being contaminated. Our founder, James Boskovic, was on a trip across Europe at the time and decided to recruit a group of talented people to help him solve the problem. There was one thing we knew for certain going into this journey; current waste management offers very few solutions that reduce the amount of recycling going into the landfills and oceans. Instead of putting that responsibility on the end user or businesses that can’t control these outcomes, we created a solution that we could bring to governments, cities, corporations—and you.

BANQloop is built on three pillars

  • Restoring and protecting the environment
  • Empowering people to supercharge the economy
  • Transforming our relationship with waste

With ambitious goals and a concrete vision for global adaptation, BANQloop has scaled rapidly from a team of 6 to over 25 (and growing) while facing the challenges brought on by a global pandemic. In the past year, BANQloop has formed development plans with airports and cities globally, setting the groundwork to be a sector leader for years to come.

The Vision

Simple. Clean. Profitable.

Our vision simply is; why waste our waste?

We are faced with a tremendous opportunity to redefine the way we treat the things we throw away and in consequence, our environment and economy. We want to make recycling easy + profitable —for the consumer, for recycling plants, and for businesses.

The Values

This is our way


We are resilient and take bold steps.


We respect each other, the company, and our environment by being transparent about our thoughts and feelings.


We reimagine what is possible and are energetically driven for right action.


We hold ourselves personally responsible to do the right thing, every person has an individual impact.

The Result

One human’s trash really is another human’s treasure

BANQloop and its ecosystem

BANQloop is our all-in-one waste management ecosystem—a platform that banks valuable commodities into the closed loop economy. Our suite of products and services provides our clients a way to transform their waste management ecosystem to maximize budgets and minimize waste.

BANQloop is designed to save money, increase recycling efficiencies, help the environment and incentivize the user. It’s a give-the-people-what-they-want solution that inspires and resonates with clients and end-users alike.