What in the world is going on with our garbage?

We all often feel like recycling doesn’t make a difference. All that work, all that effort… The blue bins, the separate garbage slots in fast food restaurants or malls—just for us to then see headlines like these:

Annual global waste production will increase by 70% if current conditions persist, according to “What a Waste 2.0,” a newly published report from the World Bank that was multiple years in the making.

“Only 16% of global municipal waste is recycled.”

– Verisk Maplecroft

“The U.S. recycles less than 22% of its discarded materials.”


“China doesn’t want our garbage anymore.”

– Los Angeles Times

How many times have you stood at one of those waste bins, read the labels and still wondered which bin was the best one to toss your paper and plastic coffee cup in? So, instead of expecting you to worry about it, we decided to take human error out of the equation. We designed the BANQloop System to make all the sorting decisions for you, keeping recyclable waste out of landfills and oceans—and putting an end to the frustration, confusion and guilt we all sometimes feel.

How does BANQ x1 change this?

BANQloop uses patented technology to bring auto-sorting and processing to the user. BANQ x1 will:

Power up the closed loop economy

  • Capture more recyclables that would otherwise go to landfill
  • Reduce carbon footprint by up to 90%
  • Prevent waste from entering the environment
  • Provide cash rewards for you, the end user

Where can I find a BANQ x1 unit?

We are proud to be a part of the San Diego International Airport Innovation lab. Look for us soon in other locations near you.

The BANQloop app

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