Data Driving
Sustainable Decisions

Our Mission

We power up the closed-loop economy by providing real-time intelligence
for supply chain, infrastructure, and decarbonization.

BANQloop, gives you better insights to optimize processes, save costs and meet sustainability goals..

Future Friendly

BANQloop + measurable sustainability

  • The combination of BANQloop InvisionIQ hardware and LoopIQ Terminal dashboards enable enhanced understanding, monitoring, optimization and flexibility which can support wider efforts to reach net zero.
  • BANQloop’s offering positively impacts the ability to address data challenges to support green finance.
  • BANQloop, through LoopIQ, can greatly assist in pollution measurement programs through providing innovative real-time data.
  • BANQloop provides insights and analytics, improving decision-making processes for local resource allocation and budgets.
  • Partnering with BANQloop enables an increase of recycling rates.

Your partner

Problem-solving that closes the loop

BANQloop technology + services

BANQloop is a Software-as-a-Solution based, decarbonization focused company.

Our software platform, LoopIQ seamlessly integrates off-the-shelf AI, robotics and other hardware to collect data from any of your existing vehicles on all things Infrastructure and waste management.

This happens all while saving the local and state governments money; creating carbon credits; and adding new revenue centers.

Welcome to BANQloop – a key solution in driving us all to a carbon neutral world.

  • Environmental Decision-making
  • Infrastructure Statuses
  • Reduction of Landfill
  • Decarbonization

Quick & easy installation of InvisionIQ to your existing fleets

  • Decisions made in 40 ms
  • Reporting real-time data

LoopIQ: Data for the economy

  • Terminal + custom smart dashboards
  • Identify high value loads
  • Optimize routes
  • Track additional data points

Key data for ECONOMY, sustainability + decarbonization

  • Key to sustainability and decarbonization progress
  • Positively impacts ability to address data challenges to support green finance


automated inspections

As part of current processes, road condition assessments are performed manually, which allows for delayed servicing, human error, and strain on financial and human resources.

BANQloop will help improve existing processes by deploying image recognition systems onto existing public works vehicles to identify road conditions in real-time and efficiently submit repair tickets.

This process leads to:

  • efficient pothole mapping
  • reduced costs of road inspection
  • safer road conditions
  • lower state level automotive maintenance costs
  • fewer road repair costs and early detection of conditions
  • reduced traffic and carbon emissions

Insights are presented and managed in user friendly terminals, dashboards, and reports which easily adapt to existing IT infrastructures.

Waste Management

clear insights for measured action

Providing clear insights into waste management through identification of waste types and sources, enabling further reduction of plastic waste and an improved recycling rate.

Outfitting your community’s equipment with BANQloop InvisionIQ hardware will
allow for scanning and classification of waste events in real-time.

  • gain location-based insights on waste patterns
  • environmental policy monitoring
  • recognize hazardous materials
  • improve worker safety
  • lower fleet costs
  • optimize fleet management

LoopIQ allows city and county executives to make clearer decisions that improve recycling rates, city cleanliness, and workplace safety, while also decreasing existing waste management costs.

Accurate real-time data empowering better decisions.


discovery-led solutions

LoopIQ can be customized to collect and display a wide variety of information, depending on your unique needs. During the discovery phase of any customer engagement, your BANQcare team will conduct customer workshops and interviews to define parameters that best serve you. BANQloop’s solutions engineers develop your relevant and appropriate solutions.

As part of a discovery phase, our BANQcare team will conduct a detailed assessment as follows:

  • analyze waste streams
  • specify assets required (current and future)
  • assess operational efficiencies
  • document user requirements
  • evaluate operations requirements
  • discovery and mapping of validation and roll out
  • validation risk assessment and operations plan
  • community and stakeholder engagement service

Focus on opportunity

monetization examples

Insurance companies seek data for their risk calculations. With LoopIQ, governments can sell road condition data. The LoopIQ Terminal can deliver metrics so that insurance providers can optimize premiums.

Additional monetization opportunities for the state include selling the road condition data to GPS companies (i.e Waze, Google maps), which can leverage it as one of their features.

Construction companies who are bidding on infrastructure projects will greatly benefit from infrastructure/near road conditions data prior to RFI/RFQ/RFP process.


real-time, all-time efficiencies

BANQloop vs. competition

While other technology providers rely on using their own vehicles, with BANQloop you can deploy our technology on any government owned vehicle.

Imagine every single state vehicle becoming a source of valuable data collection in the fight for economic and environmental sustainability.

Another advantage that BANQloop provides is analytics capacities, by collecting the numerous data, BANQloop can build models that can potentially predict deterioration of the road conditions and other indicators following the other data collection aspects traffic conditions.

BANQloop will collaborate with the various public works departments of California toward their transportation projects by deploying image recognition systems onto existing public works vehicles to identify road conditions in real-time and efficiently submit repair tickets.

BANQloop InvisionIQ can be trained and configured to monitor and collect traffic data within specific pre-defined parameters. This data can also lead to early detection of damaged infrastructure, leading to timely repairs, resulting in lower costs to the public.


InvisionIQ + LoopIQ

connect your equipment

1. Sign up

2. Configure + install
Mobile visual recognition and data collecting Instruments are installed on
existing equipment.
Data on a variety of configurations depending on client requirements,
such as:
– road conditions;
– vehicle traffic, and;
– recycling analysis rates, etc.

3. Activate terminal + dashboards
Actionable data for sustainable decisions.


access meaningful data

1. Sign up

2. Configure data requirements
Data is retrieved in real-time to from existing InvisionIQ streams.
LoopIQ terminal is custom configured.

3. Activate terminal + dashboards
Actionable data for sustainable decisions.

BANQloop Software-as-a-Solution platform

The benefits

  • infrastructure hazard alerts
  • recycling analysis
  • workplace health & safety
  • reduction of hazardous materials into waste stream
  • increased commodity revenue
  • carbon credit products