BANQloop – an evolution in waste management

Get ahead of the curve

Governments and municipalities today are faced with the challenges of delivering clean, green cities with a vibrant economy

At BANQloop, we see ourselves as a guide to shifting the current waste management ecosystem by empowering our clients to transform the future of waste. Governments, cities and organizations all over the world have increasingly strict environmental and net zero waste mandates. Problem is, there hasn’t been a viable solution to help achieve that goal… until now.

BANQloop gives your organization the power to close the loop

Our innovative hardware, software and services deliver a simple, clean and profitable solution to current pain points such as:

  • End-user experience – decrease frustration and confusion
  • Janitorial health and safety concerns
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Maximize operations
  • Efficiency and recycling rates
  • Sustainability planning and practices

Our all-in-one solution increases profitability and sustainability

BANQloop is an all-in-one solution designed with an integrated approach to user experience, reducing tax spend and business expenses, while transforming the economic and environmental impact of waste. All of this with the goal to seamlessly integrate with our clients’ current waste management processes.

Our Customers are our Partners

Our BANQloop suite of products and services is well suited for high volume, multi waste stream environments such as complex enterprise groups like airports, sophisticated world-class cities such as London, England, smaller progressive municipalities like City of Berkeley, and public transportation station + hubs. A diverse market group that all share similarities such as complex operating environments and government regulation.

At a high level BANQcare is broken into three key phases.

On-Boarding Discovery Phase

Pilot Phase

Commercial Engagement