Your BANQloop Discovery Phase

What is your organization’s unique relationship with waste?

Each of our customers has a unique relationship with waste. Discovery and on-boarding starts with a tremendous amount of planning and engagement that is agile to incorporate the variables your enterprise requires.


Pilot Phase

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We identify goals, requirements, stakeholders and more...

BANQcare team will conduct a detailed assessment
  • Analyse waste streams
  • Specify assets required (current and future)
  • Assess janitorial operations efficiencies
  • Document user requirements
  • Evaluate operations requirements
Pilot road map
  • Produce operations plan
  • Prepare risk assessment
  • Prepare security assessment
  • Establish test plan and user research protocols
  • Identify custom design elements

BANQloop transforms the way companies and governments manage large volume, multi-stream waste

Find out if BANQloop is a fit for your organisation!